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What should I do if my wedding has been postponed?

It's extremely disappointing to hear that so many weddings have been postponed of late so I thought I write some ideas about what you could do from here and much of this information will apply to the entrie bridal party.

Q I dieted and trained like crazy just to fit into my dress and I'm worried it wont fit when I do get wear it ?

A Many dresses will have the potential to be adjusted both up and down in size, shortened and even lenghtened.

Q. How should I store my dress, whilst waiting for my new wedding date?

A. If you can find a high point to hang your dress (maybe behind a door) in a bag prefably not plastic it will allow it breath and drop nicely.

Q. I dont think the style will suit my new wedding date. Our original wedding was in winter now its going to be summer?

A, Maybe consider some design changes maybe the neckline or sleeve.

Q. My dress is pre loved, should I treat it any differently?

A. No, but if it hasn't been cleaned it would be a good idea to stop any stains from setting and being tricky to get out at a later date.

Q. I don't think I like the original dress anymore?

A. Its a perfectly normal feeling and given the current circumstances, I dont blame you! However, don't make any rash decisions yet and definitely refrain from trying it on too much. Your dress might just spark your happiness again when our lives get back to some sort normality.

Q. Will the dress need to be re-altered again closer to the wedding?

A. At the moment I have a dozen dresses which have been altered to a point and now been put on hold for a few months. My message to these brides has been to lets reassess the dress closer to the new wedding date ( 6 to 8 weeks out) with new eyes. In any normal situation a garment that you haven't worn for a few months would potentially fit differently to the original time anyway.

I hope these ideas help and please feel free to reach our if you are in need of any further help.


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