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Wedding Dress Alterations

Much consideration goes into the planning of every wedding detail and the choice of your wedding dress and then the person that alters it to achieve the right look for your wedding day should be no different.  When you choose Elle and Stuart to alter your dress you will be working with someone who is passionate about wedding dresses and the need for the right fit whilst achieving comfort and style are paramount.

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Wedding dress alterations

Every bride wants to feel confident and beautiful on her wedding day and we are passionate about making the alteration experience a memorable part of your wedding prepartions.

Wedding dresses all have unique stories and generally fall into one of three catergories: new, pre-loved or those purchased online and made to your measurements.

New dresses: Dresses from retail stores can either be purchased "off the rack" or those "ordered" for you and then made off-site with a later delivery time being weeks or months.  In most cases your gown will possibly need some alterations (hem, bustle, bust or hip adjustments) don't be dis-heartened this is entirely normal and gives you a chance to really get the feel and right fit for your gown. These alterations are generally done 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding date and its good to have your undergarments and shoes for your first fitting.

Pre-loved dresses: Can I say some of my happiest memories come from the Pre-loved dresses I have worked on, they all have stories from the previous owner and are generally in excellent condition. It can be a great saving and its much better to buy a secondhand dress from a designer label than cut corners on a cheaper dress made with less with inferior quality fabrics and poor construction techniques.

A Pre-loved dress may need some running reapirs like a tear in the train, loose beads or sequins etc all of these things are very easy to rectify. In most cases a bride selling her pre-loved dress will only too happy for the new purchaser to bring the dress in for our assessment on its potential to be altered please contact us for further details.

Online Purchases: The process with an online wedding dress purchase is to bascially choose a design and maybe add some modifications, add your measurements and presto your dress arrives in the mail. 

Just be aware your dress may still need some adjustments to achieve the right look for your wedding day most commonly bustle, shoulder strap tightening, front hem line shortening.

As you can imagine its very difficult to accurately quote wedding dress alterations without seeing the dress in store on the bride.  However, if you would like to get a rough quote please click here, including photos of you wearing the dress and some details  as to your alteration needs and we will get back to you.

wedding dress alteration
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