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Wedding dress alteration via ZOOM

Yes, you did read correctly, we are now offering wedding dress alterations 'preassessment' via the Zoom platform.

In response to a very challenging extended lockdown I came up with the idea to add Zoom Wedding Dress Alterations pre assessments to our services. Whilst we aren't able to do any instore fittings or consultations I thought there was a chance to make the most of the situation and offer this service in a slighly differnet manner via zoom.

How is it done you ask?

We schedule a time to meet online, the bride is wearing her wedding dress, shoes and veil if she wants and we can chat whilst she is standing in front of a mirror (nothing fancy its just good to see as many angles as possible).

We can talk about the way the dress is fitting or not and then come up with some possible solutions.

The benefit is to both us and our clients, we can get familiarised with your dress and where necessary review the footage of the bride wearing the gown. Where possible we can commence some prelimianary alterations like undoing hems, letting out seams if a gown is too tight, maybe some tacking of seams to take a gown in and in that way we save time and can action the alterations sooner in lead up to forth coming weddings.

Moving forward this will be a service that we will keep so that you can get an idea of what can and can't be done and the approximate cost of the alterations as well.

Hope to speak soon in person or on Zoom


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