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I dont think I like my wedding dress anymore...what should I do?

So the story begins with a beautiful wedding ๐Ÿ‘— at the time of purchase it was the one, it sparkled it had the wow factor but not anymore ๐Ÿ˜•

Rest assured this is very normal. The process of planning a wedding takes stamina and it's a process. Did you buy the dress ages ago and maybe you've seen it one too many times? Or are you well meaning friends giving you their opinions in and that's making you rethink the whole design?

Maybe adding some finishing touches may just bring the excitement back for your dress.

A strapless dress can easily have a sleeve treatment added.

Maybe you might need some extra bust shape, some cups can easily help there.

Just a small bust alteration can give the impression of more fullness.

And here just a little waist shaping has made a different silhouette

Unless things really aren't working take a deep breath to and trust your judgment.

Why not bring it in for an impartial opinion...I would be only be too happy to help out. Your dress might just not fit as well as it could...some minor alterations can make all the difference. Book now for a free appraisal.

I was married just over 2 years ago and decided to design and make my own dress, it was very difficult to make it and fit it to myself. From beginning to end it changed quite a few times because a wedding dress would come in for alterations and I would mentally take a little out of each dress I saw...bad decision!

Until next time Happy Wedding Planning.

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