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Five of the most popular and affordable clothing alterations and repairs.

1.Do you have pants that are too long? Well they can be shortened but maybe don't just shorten them consider tapering the leg at the same time this will give the look of a more elongated leg making you look taller.

2. Do you have a great summer dress but its just too bare without sleeves?

Solution, add some sleeves that way you won't feel so exposed and the dress is probably a little more functional you could perhaps wear it for work as well as going out.

The beauty of this alteration was that the dress already had a sleeves but they were too short so we matched some chiffon and added a floaty extension.

3. Replacing zips is a very affordable clothing repair. Sometimes zips jam or get caught in fabric or just wear out. Its best and very affordable to repalce them with an entire new zip when they malfunction, rather than try to wiggle the zip back into place.

If you do find that the slider on the zip has become detatched a piece of cord may be able to be threaded through the gap rather than replace the entitre zip.

4. When you think of warm winter coats you'll probably think of an expensive purchase that needs to last several seaons so the style needs to timeless and the colour will probably be black. This coat was extremely stylish with a great collar but being quite long it was heavy and the owner avoided wearing it. In this case we removed 30cm from the length ( it might not look like much) and as result the coat is lighter and more likely to be worn.

The coat certainly isn't waterproof but still offers adequate warmth around the torso.

5. Another very popular and affordable repair is patching denim jeans. Far too many times your jeans wear out just when they become ever so comfortable...solution?

Patch them, they will last many more wears and most importantly the patching can add to the look and style.

Whenever, we alter or repair any garment the aim is always to make the alterations or repairs seam like nothing has changed from the original look, rather enhance the fit and or extend the life of the garment.

If you have any alteration or repair requests large or small please be in contact we would be only to happy to help.

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