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wedding dress alteration

Designer wedding dress

This delicate designer gown needed to be shortened and reshaped thruough the hip and waist to create a better silhouette.  This dress was shortened across the front hem line and particular attention was paid to the sequins as they are often attached on masse by a chain machine stitch and its important to secure the stitches when altering.

A bustle was also attached on the train 

wedding dress alteration

Beaded bodice and full skirt

Our bride felt that the skirt on this gown was very overwhelming for her petite figure. In this instance much fluff was removed from the skirt to create a more simple shape. The tulle skirt was also edged with a braid  which is a great way to create volume in the skirt but we decided to remove it and have a less fluffy skirt. The intricately beaded bodice was re-worked, it needed additional fitting all whilst maintaing the intricate beading.

before and after wedding dress alteratio

Online Purchase


This dress was ordered on-line and didnt fit as well as was expected. With some re-shaping a much better line was achieved, its better in most cases to have a dress thats too big to bring down in size than try to let out.

wedding dress alteration

Lace trimmed wedding dress

Lace is beautiful and can be quite delicate. It is possible to shorten and alter a lace gown when the right care and attention is given to it.

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