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Our Story

Wedding Dress Alterations | Clothing Alterations & Repairs | Custom Embroidery

I am often asked who Elle & Stuart are. Ellen Stuart was my mum; the person who encouraged me to follow creative pursuits and taught me how to sew. Fast forward to 2010 and she was my inspiration for opening Elle & Stuart, a shop featuring ladies clothing & accessories and offering clothing alteration & repair service. While the business was a success, I realised that my passion lay in the alterations side of the business, specifically bridal alterations. There is just something so special about being part of someone’s big day and a great deal of satisfaction knowing that you have given them their perfect dress.
We alter and repair all types of clothing and are wedding dress alteration specialists. Our beautiful, modern, sunny shop will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed.

For regular clothing alterations or repairs, Tuesday through Friday appointments are not required but we recommend booking appointments for all services on Saturday’s and any more involved alteration or repair requests through the week.

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