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What length should my wedding dress be?

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Lets start with the front hem.

Unless your dress is "tea length" you probably want the front hem to touch the ground and not show your shoes. If your hem does need to be shortened its probably only necessary to shorten the front. Of course some fabrics including lace can be more tricky to alter and the cost will vary accordingly but you will save money if you are able to just alter the front length.

Now the rear hem and train.

It's quite surprising to learn and it is true that it's easier to wear a dress with a reasonable train length than one skimming the ground.Think about the shoes that you are going to wear. When the rear hem is touching the ground you'll find it's more inclined to get caught under your heals. Worse still if your shoes have a stiletto they might get caught in your dress, tear it or worse still trip you up.

Wedding dresses with trains can be easily bustled so that you can move and dance and a bustle can give you a very different looking dress. Bustles can be as simple or complex as you want them to be and depending on the weight, design and fabric your dress is made from, only one bustle point may be required.

The dress on the left is at full length and the one on the right has been bustled.

A good photographer will want to shoot your dress from the rear and the image of you glancing back as you enter venue will be memorable to say the least...its all abut the lasting memories.

Until next time Happy Wedding Planning

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