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Where do I find the perfect wedding dress?

There are many choices these days when it comes to choosing wedding dresses.

*Do I get my dress made?

*Should I buy it from a retail shop?

*Should I hire a dress?

*Should I buy a pre-loved dress?

Or better still

*Should I buy it online?

Yes, all of the above are options but one choice is a stand out. 

Your wedding dress  needs to fit well and look good very true. One of the only ways this will happen is with if your dress is made and designed well using good quality fabrics, lining, boning and embellishments.

By far the best decision I can recommend is purchasing a pre-loved dress you will be guaranteed  to save money but you know what you are buying. Most brides selling pre-loved dresses will be keen to sell them and sometimes they haven't been worn due to change of mind. If you buy a pre-loved dress choose one from a high profile brand and you will be assured of quality both in design and fabrics. Yes you may need to alter the dress but the savings will offset those costs. 

Before                     After 

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